Desalto: Redefining the Craft

Every so often, design can take us right to the edge and invite us to look over. Desalto exudes this power, a particular strength and assurance that comes from the concerted establishment of a lineage of ideas. In their work, our expectations are swept aside with ease: a formed arm of a chair instinctively drapes […]

The Tokyo Chaise: Charlotte Perriand’s Natural Masterpiece

In about 1929, someone took a photograph of a woman reclining on a chaise lounge, her skirt slightly askew, hands folded softly, and feet floating in the air as if pressed up against a tree trunk after a picnic. In the photograph she’s gazing away from us, at her shadow wrapping around the corner of […]

Master of Reveal – Carlo Scarpa

The context team has a strong appreciation for rebellion, eccentricity, lack of convention…but most of all timelessness and elegance- so it should come as no surprise that we idolize Carlo Scarpa and his profound influence on contemporary Italian architecture and design. Born in Venice in 1906, his family relocated, but returned home after the death […]

Charlotte Perriand: The Art of Dwelling

Charlotte Perriand has carved out what we consider is the art of dwelling within her designs. Born in Paris in 1903, Charlotte Perriand is one of the unsung heroes of the European Modern movement. Having been exposed to great craftsmanship at an early age (she was the daughter of a tailor and a seamstress), she enrolled […]

Pastoe: Design Objectified

For more than a hundred years, the goal at Pastoe has been to make “furniture as objects”.  And being the minimalists that we are here at Context, that is why this brand is one of our absolute favorites. Originally a joinery shop in the Netherlands, in 1913 businessman Frits Loeb decided he wanted to make the […]

Ettore Sottsass: “Breaking the Rules”

It might be an understatement to call Ettore Sottsass a visionary. Every visionary must break the rules first and he was very good at doing that. His pursuit to create something visually stimulating through design is the legacy he left behind. Ettore Sottsass was born in Innsbruck in 1917. In 1939 he graduated in architecture at the […]


Where do we begin…a Spanish woman in the male-dominated world of Italian design, Patricia Urquiola is currently one of the biggest names in the industry, and she’s also a total badass. After moving to Milan to study at the Polytechnique University, she found herself under the mentorship of some world-renowned designers such as Achille Casitglioni […]

The Art of Restraint: Børge Mogensen

Starting out as a cabinet maker in the early 1930s, Børge Mogensen pioneered certain basic fundamentals of Danish design. His restrained aesthetic brought a tranquil and modest appearance to his work, encouraging people to live unpretentiously. His goal was to create durable and useable furniture that would enrich everyday life. With an emphasis on vertical and […]

Doshi Levien Delivers Culture Shock

We at Context have been abducted by Doshi Levien’s Almora chair, and since it landed in our showroom we’ve been completely seduced by its distinct lines and sumptuous curves. “A chair can, in a way, define a person the person sitting in it, becoming an almost wearable item.” So naturally, we wanted to know more […]

Mario Bellini Designs

Mario Bellini is internationally renowned as an architect and designer. He has received the Golden Compass Award eight times, and other prestigious architecture awards including the Medaglia d’oro awarded by the President of the Italian Republic for his contribution to furthering design and architecture in the world (2004) and the Ambrogino d’oro for civic merit […]

Piet Boon is Design Integrity

When we think of Piet Boon, we think of design without compromises. The award-winning design practice of Piet Boon creates bespoke contemporary architecture, interiors and products for the global luxury market. Renowned worldwide for exceptional craftsmanship, quality and vision, the premium lifestyle brand is distinguished by its design philosophy of refined sophistication. A seamless marriage […]

Børge Mogensen: “A Hunting Lodge”

Børge Mogensen was one of the pioneers that created the foundation for the Danish Design as a culture of furniture design. His life-long ambition was to create durable and useful furniture that would enrich people’s everyday lives, and he designed functional furniture for all parts of the home and society. Mogensen’s ideal was to create furniture […]

B&B Italia: Tufty-Time Seating

B&B Italia’s Tufty Time Seating group has clean lines and plump rectilinear forms. Patricia Urquiola’s Tufty-Time range of modular seating has remained a bestseller at for nearly a decade. Specifically citing the time-honored capitonné upholstery style along with 1960s and 1970s modular seating designs as her inspirations, Urquiola’s Tufty-Time masterfully synthesizes these as an exquisite […]

Jörg Schellmann: e15 Möbelkunst

Jörg Schellmann’s recent designs for e15– Platz, Sitz, and Profil – masterfully blur the functions of furniture and fine art… Möbelkunst is an apt German composite of the words for “furniture” and “art” – figuratively (and quite literally) describing this fusion. Since the late 1960s, Schellmann has been producing and publishing contemporary fine art editions […]

B&B Italia Quick Ship

B&B Italia Quick Ship program has been re-introduced in the United States and now features a range of popular sofas and sectional configurations, lounge chairs, beds in American queen and king sizes, along with dining and side tables. Given B&B Italia’s vast range of textiles and finishes, the possibilities for personalization and customization are seemingly endless. […]


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