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Clay Table for Desalto


Italy (1990)

Desalto takes its name from design alto,” which means high design”, and that is what the family-owned Italian brand does best. For decades, Desalto, based in Cantù, Italy, has been a leader in tech­no­log­i­cal and design inno­va­tion. The Orsenigo family, heirs of a metal­work­ing company, founded Desalto in 1990 as a way to align their busi­ness with the contem­po­rary furni­ture world. Since then, the manu­fac­turer has become a leading supporter of cutting-edge design at the utmost quality.

Advanced research and devel­op­ment combined with aesthet­i­cally sophis­ti­cated design makes each piece in the Desalto collec­tion unique. A creative produc­tion process focused on atten­tion to detail allows the company to be active world­wide in many differ­ent markets. Desalto also offers customiz­able finishes, colors, and sizes and encour­ages customers to tailor stan­dard catalog prod­ucts to their needs.

Desalto part­ners with many inter­na­tion­ally renowned design­ers like Marco Acerbis, Arik Levy, Denis Santachiara, Gordon Guil­lau­mier, Marc Krusin, Bruno Fattorini, Hannes Wettstein, Piero Lissoni, Tokujin Yosh­ioka, and Nendo. These award-winning talents are what make the avant-garde collec­tion what it is. Pieces like the Clay table by Krusin and the Element table by Yosh­ioka reveal how the brand skill­fully applies its metal­work­ing exper­tise to sculp­tural, statement-making design.

In 2018, Gordon Guil­lau­mier became the company’s art direc­tor. The Italian designer’s concep­tual approach will surely mean even more excit­ing inno­va­tion from the brand in the years to come. Context Gallery has been a trusted partner with Desalto for over a decade.

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