Piet Boon is Design Integrity

Piet Boon is Design Integrity

Piet Boon

When we think of Piet Boon, we think of design without compromises. The award-winning design practice of Piet Boon creates bespoke contemporary architecture, interiors and products for the global luxury market. Renowned worldwide for exceptional craftsmanship, quality and vision, the premium lifestyle brand is distinguished by its design philosophy of refined sophistication.

A seamless marriage of functionality with timeless design, natural materials, distinguishing signature details and a keen eye for aesthetics defines the work of fêted Dutch designer Piet Boon. The master designer and craftsman began his career as a building contractor which affords him a privileged insight into the design and implementation of every project he undertakes.  One of the most high profile designers to come out of The Netherlands, Boon began his career as a building contractor and master craftsman; it is here where his love of natural materials and signature details developed. “I was always getting in trouble with the architects,” he reminisces. “I tried to do the architecture myself, but I wasn’t always successful. I ended up doing a lot of the interiors as well. My motto has always been: I won’t design something if I can’t build it myself.”

Ten years later, in 1983, the construction company was sold and Piet Boon® was born. Since then the global luxury lifestyle brand has been offering what is still one of its core strengths: total concept solutions. By taking over exteriors, interiors, and product design, Boon and his company deliver an aesthetic that is at once unexpected, detailed, functional, timeless, and sustainable. Playing with textures, long-lasting materials, and simplicity of form, the designer has developed a style that is not only cherished in private luxury apartments on New York’s Upper West Side and townhouses in Venezuela, but also by brands such as Land Rover, Bang & Olufsen, Mooi, and Miele.

But the celebrated designer’s aesthetic is at much at home in high-end city apartments as on the beach. The eponymous Piet Boon Bonaire, comprised of nine private villas in the former Dutch Antilles, is a hallmark of his best work: superior craftsmanship, elegance, and a respect for authenticity. Each villa is uniquely decorated with one-off pieces, some of which were made by local artists. Boon’s work is sustainable by nature, meaning it’s part of his core values to work with long-lasting organic materials, use local resources, and maximize function. “The villas in Bonaire are always in the sun,” he points out, “so I tried to design it in a way where the wind is blowing through the space and you don’t need air-conditioning all the time.”

The windy island of Bonaire also allows Boon to indulge in one of his favorite activities: kitesurfing. “I grew up in a family with three boys and my father insisted on us doing sports every day,” he says. “When I was young I even thought I wanted to become a professional sportsman. Bonaire is perfect for kitesurfing, which is perhaps one of my greatest passions.”

Clearly, the island has made a big impression on the celebrated designer. “I’ve been coming to Bonaire for the last 25 years. I love the people, the relaxed atmosphere, and the unique natural beauty. Bonaire has stolen my heart,” he says. And then he adds a line that could easily be said by many fans of his design work. “It’s simply paradise.”

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