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c. 2012

by Yael Mer + Shay Alkalay
for Arco


by Yael Mer + Shay Alkalay
for  Arco

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Featured here is the Deskbox designed by Shay Alkalay for Arco. Shay’s fasci­na­tion with the drawer has engen­dered several contem­po­rary visual and concep­tual furni­ture master­pieces – the Pivot console (2008) and the Pivot desk (2011). With Deskbox, the designer has created a magnif­i­cent reduc­tion­ist work­sta­tion. Its simple recti­lin­ear, box-like shape enig­mat­i­cally mounted to a wall imme­di­ately conjures Donald Judd’s mini­mal­ist stack sculp­tures from the 1960s and 1970s. When Deskbox is pulled apart, it becomes an impromptu work surface that is ideal for support­ing a laptop or using as a small writing desk. Not only is Deskbox a great-looking piece when closed, it’s equally strik­ing – partic­u­larly in profile – when left opened.

Deskbox provides tremen­dous flex­i­bil­ity within an inte­rior allow­ing its user several differ­ent types of a foot­print commit­ment. Essen­tially a non-exis­tent foot­print when the piece is used casu­ally by moving a chair to the result­ing work surface as needed – or, a very small perma­nent foot­print when paired with a chair and perhaps a floor task lamp.

The top (that becomes the work surface when pulled down) is composed of solid Euro­pean oak and avail­able in five finishes; oak morado, oak black, and oak smoke – as well as two lighter finishes of white oak and oak natural. The base (that is mounted to the wall) is made of steel avail­able in two epoxy-coated matte lacquer finishes of white or black. Please call CONTEXT at 800.886.0867 to review finish options as well as pricing and current lead times.

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Arco Home and Work


Arco Home and Work


Yael Mer + Shay Alkalay


Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay started working together as colleagues after spending many years living together and sharing thoughts and ideas and everything in between. Yael focuses primarily on turning two-dimensional sheet materials into curvaceous functional forms, while Alkalay is fascinated by how things move, function and react. They work together as ‘Raw-Edges’ with the joint aim of creating things that have never been seen before.

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