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Model 265 Lamp

c. 1973

by Paolo Rizzatto
for Flos

Similar in func­tion to Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni’s Arco lamp, Paolo Rizzatto’s Model 265 lamp was designed with the idea of combin­ing the pivot­ing arm func­tion of a task lamp and, through its sheer size and place­ment on a wall, to both dramat­i­cally extend and direct light within the inte­rior of a space with the use of a wall outlet and power cord. The scale of the Model 265 lamp is formi­da­ble and will liter­ally loom large” on any wall where it is affixed. Simi­larly engag­ing is Model 265’s ability to recon­tex­tu­al­ize other objects within a space – unex­pect­edly dwarf­ing them. That Model 265 lamp uses a power cord and regular wall outlet affords great flex­i­bil­ity for place­ment on a wall.

The Model 265 lamp features a wall-mounted bracket, adjustable arm, and diffuser hood in painted finish steel; arm is counter-balanced with a painted cast iron, beau­ti­fully tapered handle. 80” power cord plugs into a stan­dard outlet. Model 265 is avail­able in two finishes – black or white.

Paolo Rizzatto

Italy (1941)

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