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Gaku Light

c. 2018

by Nendo
for Flos

Gaku is an inno­v­a­tive modular light centered around an open ash frame that sets up for a world of options. Designed by Nendo for Flos, it is avail­able in two models, Gaku wire and Gaku wire­less. The wire model features a small white or black poly­car­bon­ate pendant light suspended inside the frame. The pendan­t’s height can be adjusted, and the bright­ness is modi­fied through a push-button dimmer switch on the power cord. The wire­less model inte­grates an induc­tion charger in the frame that powers a lamp through non-contact charg­ing. The portable lumi­nary can be moved to provide light wher­ever needed. Featur­ing four levels of bright­ness controlled through a dimmer switch on the light fitting, the fixture can operate for six to 48 hours autonomously. A battery indi­ca­tor light shows when it needs to be recharged.


Source: Flos

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Gaku and Sawaru


Gaku and Sawaru



Canada (1977)

Oki Sato is Chief Designer and Founder of Nendo. Born in 1977 in Toronto, Canada, he received his M.Arch. from Waseda University, Tokyo in 2002. He established the design studio “nendo” in the same year. His activity in the design world has not been limited to only one area but is rather multifarious, spanning from graphic and product design to designing furniture, installations, windows, and interiors, and even reaches into the realm of architecture. He has been chosen by the Newsweek magazine as one of “The 100 Most Respected Japanese” and won many “Designer of the Year” mention by Wallpaper and Elle Decor magazines. Nendo can be found in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, as well as in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and Centre Pompidou in Paris.

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