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Hang Shelf

c. 2008

by Claudio Caramel
for Desalto

Hang Shelf

by Claudio Caramel
for  Desalto

or Call to Order

The Hang Shelf, a design by Claudio Caramel, can fill a whole wall or be combined endlessly in a line. The shelv­ing system of extruded aluminum, provided with two char­ac­ter­is­tic slots, allows the free posi­tion­ing of the acces­sories. Various designs can be obtained without limits of length, by joining multi­ple pieces together. 

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Desalto Catalog 2022


Desalto Catalog 2022


Claudio Caramel


Claudio Caramel is a world-renowned architect whose creativity is multi-faceted, ranging between significant projects, restructurings, and quality industrial design. In his youth, he devoted his time to the visual arts, displaying his works in various exhibitions.

As a designer, Claudio Caramel works in the most diverse areas; mechanics and electronics, display items and nautical objects, and fashion and furniture.

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