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Ipnos Outdoor Floor Lamp

c. 2013

by Rossi Bianchi
for Flos

Ipnos Outdoor floor lamp brings the illu­sion to nature with soft LED lights lining the top of its skele­tal frame in various finishes. Designed by Nico­letta Rossi and Guido Bianchi, the seem­ingly empty space becomes filled with a glow that is protected through trans­par­ent poly­car­bon­ate diffusers with just a switch of the on/​off button. While the indoor version of the Ipnos floor lamp is avail­able in one finish, this outdoor version is avail­able in Aluminized Black, Silver, Bronze.

Rossi Bianchi


Nicoletta Rossi, born in Milan in 1961, and Guido Bianchi, born in Florence in 1970, are both architects who started their career by taking on lighting projects. After gaining experience with Piero Castiglioni Studio, they founded Rossi Bianchi Light Design in Milan in 2006 where they focus exclusively on the design of light. Their most iconic project, Ipnos floor lamp in an indoor and outdoor version, reflects their forward-thinking creativity that influences the visual and emotional perception of space. Unlike the traditional approach of lighting design based on efficiency, Rossi and Bianchi’s intent is to investigate all the dimensions involved in a lighting experience in order to achieve an evocative and emotional response through light.

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