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JP Carafe

by John Pawson

The JP Carafe, made of Bohemian crystal, is an object of minimal beauty. The Carafe has all the prop­er­ties of tradi­tional crystal, being clear and quite heavy, yet absent of any orna­men­ta­tion. Even the propor­tions within the unique shape of the JP carafe are perfect, a testa­ment to Pawson’s exper­tise in minimalism.

The origins of the John Pawson’s collec­tion of objects lie in a new Cister­ian monastery in Bohemia, also designed by Pawson. From the idea of creat­ing a set of essen­tial equip­ment for the monks’ refec­tory has, in turn, evolved into a collec­tion which repre­sents an elegant minimum for the contem­po­rary table. The forms are simple but power­ful, refined but sensu­ously lyrical, uniting rigor­ous atten­tion to details of scale, propor­tion, and fabrication.

John Pawson

United Kingdom (1949)

After a single trip to Japan in his youth, John Pawson began on an inspired journey of minimalism in design that continues today. Much of his work as an architect in Britain has concentrated on private residences. Pawson enjoys the deep connection that comes with designing a home for a client. His work has also taken him down the road of creating spaces for Calvin Klein as well as the Design Museum in London. His aesthetic favors clear spaces, which he achieves through long swaths of stone and unadorned wood. His product designs are meant to complement his architectural work, the Abbey of Our Lady of Nový Dvůr in the Czech Republic.

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