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Stac Cabinet

c. 2021

by Giacomo Moor
for Desalto

Stac Cabinet

by Giacomo Moor
for  Desalto

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The Stac Cabinet, designed by Giacomo Moor, was created from the concept of offer­ing differ­ent types of furni­ture with differ­ent func­tions, by stack­ing the elements. Each module is made of a mono­lithic wooden volume, supported by a thin metal sheet that can be inserted into the module below, creat­ing an open compart­ment that allows stack­ing. The indi­vid­u­al­ity of the various modules gives this system an advan­tage because it allows the furni­ture to be shipped ready-assembled.

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Desalto Catalog 2022


Desalto Catalog 2022


Giacomo Moor


Giacomo Moor attended the Polytechnic University of Milan with a thesis on the imperfections of wood. From there, he works in a craftsman's workshop, studying and working passionately to learn the carpenter's trade. Here, Giacomo develops his own personal method, combining the artisan's manual ability with rigorous design.

In 2011, he set up Giacomo Moor studio with the idea of developing his work within a well-structured environment. The studio became a space where designers, architects, and artisans could share and collaborate their experience and knowledge. Together with this team of designers and carpenters, Giacomo was able to design products for companies and create collections for design galleries and private clients, supervising the entire creative process.

Moor tends to integrate the precision of design with the sensitivity of hands-on experience. His empirical and committed approach, combined with his technical and aesthetic skills, are consistent features of his work.

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