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Tricol­ore Vase, SH1

c. 2017

by Sebastian Herkner
for &Tradition

The Tricol­ore vase, SH1 set is made from colored bohemian glass in mala­chite and cornaline, mouth-blown and hand­made by skilled crafts­men. Two shades, beau­ti­ful alone become even more stunning together. 

Add the vases to any envi­ron­ment and watch color bring your space to life, as shades of mala­chite and cornaline inter­act with sunlight. The careful process of cutting, sanding and polish­ing the glass makes the product human. Also included in our collec­tion are the taller Tricol­ore vase, SH2, and the shorter Tricol­ore vase, SH3. Each set is comprised of two cylin­dri­cal glass vases of differ­ent heights, each in a different color.


Credit: &Tradition