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Tricol­ore Vase, SH3

c. 2017

by Sebastian Herkner
for &Tradition

The Tricol­ore vase, SH3 is a set of two short cylin­dri­cal vases made of hand blown bohemian colored glass in shades of topaz and rubis. The vases, designed to be nested within each other to create a third shade, are equally as stun­ning on their own. Add to any envi­ron­ment and notice how sunlight inter­plays with the fine-tuned, dense glass.

The Tricol­ore vases, designed by Sebas­t­ian Herkner are a set of two vases of differ­ent heights and widths. Tricol­ore vase, SH1 – a medium-sized set of taller vases in shades of mala­chite and cornaline is avail­able as part of our collec­tion, as well as Tricol­ore vase, SH2, the tallest set of vases made from amber and lapis colored glass. Each set is comprised of two cylin­dri­cal glass vases of differ­ent heights, each in a different color.

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&Tradition 2021


&Tradition 2021


Sebastian Herkner


Sebastian Herkner graduated from the University of Art and Design in Offenbach. Since opening his own studio in 2006, he continues to explore unique possibilities with color, natural materials, and textural effects. Bringing authentic artisan crafts into a contemporary context.

The Tricolore Vases for &tradition are a fantastic fusion of color, ingenuity, and artisanry. Each set is comprised of two cylindrical glass vases of different heights, each in a different color. Pair them together and you have a third color – hence the name.

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