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True Colour Vases

c. 2015

by Lex Pott
for &Tradition

True Colours is a series of seven vases by designer Lex Pott, each made from a differ­ent oxidized metal — copper, steel, brass, and aluminum — and features a contrast­ing and highly polished segment. The subtle chro­matic result shows the true colors of each metal, both in its polished and oxidized state, showing a direct rela­tion­ship between color, mate­r­ial, and information.

The vases are avail­able in hues of blue, terra­cotta, black brass, white aluminum, green copper, and brown steel. All vary in size — from 10 cm to 24 cm in height and from 6.5 cm to 10.5 cm in diam­e­ter — but follow the same prin­ci­ple of production.

While each vase is a unique piece that works on its own, together, the members of the True Colours family comple­ment each other beautifully.

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&Tradition 2019


&Tradition 2019


Lex Pott

The Netherlands (1985)

Lex Pott is a designer with a unique focus on materials. Throughout his creative process, there is no sketching at any stage. Instead, his focus is on materials such as wood, stone, and metal - pushing their properties beyond limits.

After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009, and setting up his own studio that same year, he intuitively experiments with natural materials due to their timeless appeal – but without knowing the creative outcome. Pott’s process of exploration has led to a range of diverse scenarios, from functional products to decorative pieces, to a concept for a fashion brand or an art exhibit.

True Colours is a series of seven vases which juxtapose polished metal with its oxidized patina. Each metal, from copper, steel, and brass to aluminum, exudes a ravishing spectrum of colors, such as cobalt blue, ruby, mint, and rust.

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