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Drum Lounge Chair

c. 2016

by Mac Stopa
for Cappellini

Drum Lounge Chair

by Mac Stopa
for  Cappellini

or Call to Order

The Drum lounge chair show­cases Mac Stopa’s unabated flair and ability to fuse various art concepts into a dynamic, singu­lar form. Inspired by the hexag­o­nal drum pads from the 1980s, the Drum chair is an aston­ish­ing burst of energy. Its sculp­tural design makes it suit­able as the sole protag­o­nist or co-star when combined with multi­ple pieces. Partic­u­larly in larger spaces, the visual impact is expo­nen­tial, animat­ing space when used as modular seating. 

Mac Stopa and Cappellini have gone even further to maxi­mize the Chair’s aesthetic pres­ence by design­ing a 3D optical pattern stretch fabric with a motif derived from a geomet­ri­cal tessel­late pattern. Addi­tional uphol­stery options include a selec­tion of fabrics and leathers from Cappellini’s collec­tion. The Drum range includes one other size and poufs in two sizes.


Mac Stopa


Mac Stopa is an award-winning multi-disciplinary designer known for creating modern, innovative and functional interiors for some of the world's leading companies. In 1996 he founded the design studio Massive Design. His architectural works include the futuristic building housing the Genesis restaurant and Art Walk - an award-winning open-air art gallery. Both are part of European Square located in downtown Warsaw, including the Warsaw Spire office complex for which Mac designed the buildings' modern lobby interiors.

Mac's industrial designs combine ideas, technologies, and cultures, including furniture, lighting, flooring, fixtures, wall coverings, textiles, and other products and finishes. Stopa manifests his passion for geometric forms and mathematic precision in his designs. He often uses energizing bold colors and 3D graphics to design progressive objects that evoke positive emotions, like the Drum family of lounge chairs and poufs for Cappellini.

Since 2013, Mac has received more than 40 international design awards, including the "Best of NeoCon Gold Award," "Iconic Award: Interior Innovation," as well as numerous "Red Dot Design" Awards, the "GOOD DESIGN™ Award," and "Interior Design Best of Year" Award.

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