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GRETA Carpet

by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg , Kasthall Design Studio
for  Kasthall

or Call to Order

Created by Gunilla Lager­hem Ullberg, Greta is a viva­cious rug of supe­rior quality whose contrast­ing and time­less char­ac­ter is a reminder how quality is recur­ring constant in our life cycle. Color tones, texture and tactil­ity from left­overs, wood, glass, metal scrap, old punch cards and pack­ag­ing have given birth to the beau­ti­ful mixed shades of Greta. Each rug consists of twelve differ­ent yarns, repre­sent­ing complex, yet harmo­nious color combinations. 


Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg

Sweden (1955-2015)

For almost thirty years, Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg was the Lead Designer of Kasthall, driving the designer brand forward. She has designed most of Kasthall’s classic collections, such as Moss, Fogg and Tekla, and she has been awarded numerous prestigious design accolades – most recently the Elle Decoration “Designer of the Year” award in Sweden.

Gunilla will always be a significant part of Kasthall and her timeless designs will remain relevant for generations to come.

Kasthall Design Studio


Since 1889, the Kasthall Design Studio in Kinna, West Sweden, has created rugs for all kinds of clients and spaces, from beautiful residences to cool offices, boutique hotels and the Swedish Royal Castle.

Kasthall Design Studio is about transforming a vision into a realistic design solution for the floor. To create a Kasthall rug, there are several ingredients: high expertise and craftsmanship, the finest natural materials in the world, and excellent design understanding.

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