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Jute and Wool Carpet

for Kvadrat

Jute and Wool Carpet

for  Kvadrat

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The Jute and Wool carpet, designed by Kvadrat, intro­duces a new mate­r­ial compo­si­tion to the rug collec­tion, prior­i­tiz­ing respon­si­ble resource usage.

Jute, a plant-based mate­r­ial, was selected for its strength and envi­ron­men­tally friendly qual­i­ties. It is locally sourced in India, where it under­goes culti­va­tion, manu­fac­tur­ing, and spin­ning before being hand woven into the rug. The rug embod­ies a sustain­able approach to mate­r­ial selec­tion and produc­tion by utiliz­ing jute alongside wool.

A notable aspect of the Jute and Wool rug is its use of undyed jute and a portion of undyed wool. By incor­po­rat­ing these natural hues, the rug mini­mizes the need for addi­tional dyestuff, reduc­ing water and energy consump­tion during manu­fac­tur­ing. This conscious choice reflects Kvadrat’s commit­ment to envi­ron­men­tal stew­ard­ship and sustain­able design practices.


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