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Kvadrat Coda 2 Fabric

by Norway Says
for Kvadrat

Kvadrat Coda 2 Fabric

by Norway Says
for  Kvadrat

or Call to Order

Coda 2 designed by Norway Says for Kvadrat combines a graphic, textured surface and sophis­ti­cated colors to a very lively effect: from a distance, it appears mono­chrome, but when seen from closer up, it reveals a second color.

Made from wool, Coda is woven in two layers, with each in a differ­ent color: it is the hue of the base layer that is surpris­ingly revealed as the viewer approaches the textile. This distinc­tive construc­tion also serves to accen­tu­ate the three-dimen­sional char­ac­ter of the fabric and the rhyth­mic pattern of its bold texture.


Norway Says


The design group Norway Says is a multidisciplinary studio producing everything from furniture designs, textiles, and electronics to lighting and porcelain. The trio, comprised of designers Espen Voll, Andreas Engesvik, and Torbjörn Anderssen opened their design studio in Oslo in 2002. At this time, they gained recognition as a leader in a growing movement of young Norwegian designers adopting an international approach. In 2009, the studio split into two different businesses; Anderssen & Voll and Andreas Engesvik, both of whom continue to work with a roster of international clients. They have won several awards, including The Honors Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council.

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