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Kvadrat Husk Fabric

by Marc Thorpe
for Kvadrat

Kvadrat Husk Fabric

by Marc Thorpe
for  Kvadrat

or Call to Order

Designed by Marc Thorpe for Kvadrat, Husk is a knitted textile with a three-dimen­sional ribbed struc­ture. The design is inspired by the archi­tec­ture of corn husks, which Marc encoun­tered in the fields of North­ern Italy during his travels. The three-dimen­sional ribs, which seem to run random in thick­ness of five to ten millime­ters, run paral­lel to the selvage, giving Husk an excep­tion­ally comfort­able expres­sion. When uphol­stered on larger pieces of furni­ture, the stripes would be horizontal. 

Husk is constructed with two colored yarns that unite to create a uniform mélange. Stitch­ing runs on either side of the ribs in a subtly contrast­ing or tone-on-tone hue, making eye-catch­ing details that emerge under close inspection.

Due to its knitted construc­tion, Husk is excep­tion­ally stretch­able and softly clings to the curves and organic shapes of furni­ture. It is well-suited for both private and public areas.


Marc Thorpe


Marc Thorpe Design was founded in 2010 by architect and industrial designer Marc Thorpe. Marc is known globally for his innovative and dynamic work, meticulously integrating architecture, technology, and design.

The studio conceptualizes designs in various fields, including architecture, interior design, graphic design, furniture design, product design, retail, and exhibit design.

Marc Thorpe Design focuses on the systemic intersections a project presents. To discover a project’s potential, the studio works closely with clients to foster new ideas and establish a shared vision and innovative strategies to nurture the design process. The studio offers itself as a system open to exchange. Thorpe has dedicated the studio to research, professional practice, and education in architecture and design.

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