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Kvadrat Raas Fabric

by Doshi Levien
for Kvadrat

Kvadrat Raas Fabric

by Doshi Levien
for  Kvadrat

or Call to Order

Raas by Kvadrat is a densely woven textile with a precise gridded expres­sion balanced by the slight irreg­u­lar­ity of a slub yarn. Crafted by design duo Doshi Levien, Lila and Raas are vibrant uphol­stery textiles with a fantas­tic color story. 

Lila and Raas combine two volu­mi­nous unicol­ored yarns: a regular yarn in the weft and an irreg­u­larly textured slub yarn in the warp. The yarns give them a tactile, lively surface with a bouclé feel and the cool touch of linen. Though the textiles share the exact construc­tion and combine well, they are markedly individual. 

To realize their vision, Doshi Levien mixed more than 100 gouache colors by hand, then hand-painted them onto samples. These were used as refer­ences in produc­tion to dye the yarn with great accu­racy – result­ing in sophis­ti­cated, elegant colors that cannot be found in any exist­ing color systems.


Doshi Levien


A design studio based in London, Doshi Levien is the brainchild of Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, who have been collaborating together for over 10 years. With influences of visual culture and industrial precision, their work in furniture design is a blend of modern and Indian heritage. With rich textiles and architectural structure as inspiration, their furniture plays with material and pattern. Together they have collaborated with Moroso, Kvadrat, B&B Italia, Cappellini, Camper, Swarovski and Galerie Kreo. They create unique and modern pieces that work in many design aesthetics.

Doshi Levien is a brand synonymous with cultural hybridism. Founded by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, the partnership marries together Doshi’s love for materials with Levien’s deep understanding of technique and industrial design. Having been raised in India, she has an astute eye for visual culture with the goal of making products that can contribute to a society. Levien has a background of fine cabinet making, and received a Masters in furniture design from Royal College of Art in London, where they met and formed a partnership dedicated to uniting culture, technology, industrial design, and fine craftsmanship.

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