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Sahco Fiorella Fabric

c. 2024

for Sahco

Sahco Fiorella Fabric

for  Sahco

or Call to Order

The Fiorella uphol­stery by Sahco is a strik­ing repre­sen­ta­tion of floral elegance, combin­ing explicit and implicit design elements. Featur­ing an epic floral pattern deli­cately woven onto a dense chenille fabric, Fiorella exudes sophis­ti­ca­tion and substance. Despite its substan­tial weight from triple layers, Fiorella main­tains a light­ness of spirit, remi­nis­cent of the capti­vat­ing still-life compo­si­tions by Robert Mapplethorpe.

The graphic depic­tion of flowers, juxta­posed with gener­ous blank spaces, creates a balanced visual effect that capti­vates the eye. Fiorel­la’s color palette reflects a posi­tive sensi­bil­ity, offer­ing shades such as pink forest, pale blue, mandarin, sand beach, and graphite. With Fiorella, Sahco presents a time­less yet contem­po­rary fabric option that adds elegance and char­ac­ter to any space.


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