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Sahco Keiga Fabric

c. 2024

for Sahco

Sahco Keiga Fabric

for  Sahco

or Call to Order

The Keiga uphol­stery by Sahco is a versa­tile fabric imbued with rich nuances remi­nis­cent of a Nordic land­scape. Its time­less appeal suits various furnish­ing styles, from vintage to modern and angular to organic. Whether it’s an art deco-inspired inte­rior or a light-toned Scan­di­na­vian design, Keiga effort­lessly comple­ments any setting with its understated elegance.

Crafted from high-quality wool, Keiga exudes warmth and comfort, ground­ing the space with its luxu­ri­ous texture. The matte and shiny yarns accen­tu­ate the fabric’s rich struc­ture, adding depth and visual inter­est to any upholstery project.

Keiga’s color palette draws inspi­ra­tion from the natural beauty of Norwe­gian land­scapes, with hues such as pine tree, silver gray, pink blush, char­coal, russet, bear brown, black, and a signa­ture glacier blue. These earthy tones evoke a sense of tran­quil­ity and harmony, creat­ing a welcom­ing atmos­phere in any interior space.


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