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Sahco Murale Fabric

for Sahco

Sahco Murale Fabric

for  Sahco

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Murale, a design by Sahco, presents a woven jacquard that marries figu­ra­tive artwork with a compelling 3‑meter repeat. Drawing inspi­ra­tion from histor­i­cal fres­coes and murals, this fabric intri­cately plays with scale and abstrac­tion. Paying homage to the artis­tic stylings of Jean Cocteau, the chalk lines within the pattern demand careful obser­va­tion. When the curtain is folded, it appears abstracted, yet it takes on a symbolic quality when opened out.

The woven jacquard incor­po­rates a slubbed poly-cotton weft yarn that grace­fully follows the lines of the image, creat­ing an embossed effect on the broken satin base. This finish imparts a rich sheen to the fabric and ensures an effort­less drape. Murale is avail­able in various colors, with sage green, silver gray, light camel, and burgundy featur­ing chalk lines in white, while rust brown is comple­mented by light yellow and indigo in mid-blue. This artful fabric captures the essence of historic artistry and contem­po­rary design, making it a distinc­tive choice for interior décor.


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