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Sahco Oaxaca Fabric

for Sahco

Sahco Oaxaca Fabric

for  Sahco

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Oaxaca, metic­u­lously crafted by Sahco, is a robust, unicol­ored canvas fabric that draws inspi­ra­tion from durable workers’ wear. This plain weave fabric is made from piece-dyed cotton, featur­ing a thick and sturdy compo­si­tion. The inven­tive color range of Oaxaca is inspired by the vibrant, natu­rally pigmented facades of Oaxaca in Mexico. The fabric, with a struc­tured canvas forma­tion remi­nis­cent of the works of German concep­tual artist Franz Erhard Walther, embraces simple, tailored detailing.

Oaxa­ca’s heavy canvas nature lends itself to a distinc­tive, refined char­ac­ter, partic­u­larly when combined with other mate­ri­als such as soft leather. The color palette is diverse, reflect­ing the rich hues of Mexican culture, includ­ing brick red, rusty orange, cerulean blue, deep curry, golden olive, and midnight blue. Classic neutrals like chalk white, off-white, steel gray, warm gray, camel, sand, and faded brown add versa­til­ity to the range. Oaxaca is a fabric that pays homage to its cultural inspi­ra­tion and brings dura­bil­ity and sophis­ti­ca­tion to various inte­rior design applications.


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