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Sahco Sariska Fabric

c. 2023

for Sahco

Sahco Sariska Fabric

for  Sahco

or Call to Order

The Sariska drapery by Sahco is a master­piece of arti­sanal crafts­man­ship, featur­ing a sublim­i­nal land­scape woven into its textured jacquard fabric. The intri­cate patterns suggest a mesmer­iz­ing scene of trees and seeds, show­cas­ing the skill and artistry of Indian weavers.

Sariska exem­pli­fies the mastery of tradi­tional weaving tech­niques with various bind­ings creat­ing rich textures on the surface. The palette is versa­tile, with options ranging from moody tones such as coffee bean, misty purple, and golden caramel to femi­nine and tonal shades like honey rose, icy rose, warm gray, and mint sorbet.

Whether used to adorn windows or enhance the ambiance of a room, Sariska adds a touch of sophis­ti­ca­tion and natural elegance to any space. 


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