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Anderssen & Voll


Based in Oslo, part­ners Torb­jørn Ander­ssen and Espen Voll have been instru­men­tal in putting Norway on the global design map ever since they joined forces in 2009. Ander­ssen & Voll have received numer­ous inter­na­tional awards for their work within furni­ture, light­ing and home acces­sories, includ­ing the Wall­pa­per* Maga­zine Award, the Red Dot and IF Awards, as well as other acco­lades for Best Designs and Best Design­ers of the year. Rather than be defined and confined to a specific way of being, Ander­ssen & Voll prefer to be open and approach each new project with a feeling of freedom. They develop emotion­ally-driven designs. Their overall desire is to create designs with souls. To animate something inanimate.

We’re not dogmatic about it,” says Ander­ssen and Voll. We’re quite open. We start design­ing and watch the piece take on its own person­al­ity. It’s almost like breath­ing life into it.” It’s an ideal approach for tack­ling a project for Copenhagen’s Langelinie Pavil­ion, a multi-func­tional empo­rium of expe­ri­ences housed in a modernist build­ing designed in the late 50s. Embrac­ing yet break­ing with the tenants of modernism, the Pavil­ion chair is fluid, grace­ful and elegant. A stack­able tube chair with a beau­ti­ful bent plywood base and seat. We wanted to bridge the old and the new with a curva­ceous chair as opposed to the typical rigid lines you often find,” adds Ander­ssen & Voll. With its slim lines flowing through the air, it’s a bit poetic. Almost like a deli­cate rope that came undone.”


Designs by Anderssen & Voll (12)