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Dirk Wynants


Dirk Wynants is an award-winning designer and founder of Extremis. Dirk was born in 1964 in Belgium as the son of a cabinet maker. Before found­ing his Extremis in 1994, he studied Inte­rior archi­tec­ture and furni­ture design at the Archi­tec­ture Insti­tute Sint-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium. Extremis soon became a world­wide renowned design collec­tion, winning awards for prod­ucts and design manage­ment, general manage­ment, and export. Today, Wynants remains the complete owner and pres­i­dent of the board of direc­tors but prior­i­tizes design and art direc­tion. In addi­tion, he is the manag­ing direc­tor of his design studio Dirk Wynants Design Works.


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