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Fabricius & Kastholm

Preben Fabri­cius trained as a cabi­net­maker in 1952 with Niels Vodder, one of the most promi­nent cabi­net­mak­ers of the time, and he contin­ued to work for Niels Vodder for a couple of years before decid­ing to continue his studies at the School of Inte­rior Design. Here, Preben Fabri­cius studied under Finn Juhl, and it was also here that he first met Jørgen Kastholm.

The two quickly real­ized that they shared an inter­est in elegant and refined design with a focus on func­tion­al­ity and mini­mal­ism. In 1961, Fabri­cius and Kastholm estab­lished their own design studio.

The design duo special­ized in furni­ture design and single-family houses, and their designs were char­ac­ter­ized by mini­mal­ism, sophis­ti­ca­tion, func­tion­al­ity, quality and their eye for detail.

The P376 pendant lamp is a perfect example of Fabri­cius & Kastholm’s subtle archi­tec­tural slant on design. Orig­i­nally conceived in 1963, five concen­tric shades create grada­tions of curves towards the middle of the lamp to emit a soft, diffused light. The discrete place­ment of the shades and the silky aluminum finish culmi­nate in a cohe­sive expres­sion that is both iconic and enthralling.


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