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Gaetano Pesce


As an Italian archi­tect, designer, and urban planner, Gaetano Pesce is best known for his modern aesthetic that incor­po­rates ordi­nary mate­ri­als with exper­i­men­tal forms. Born in 1939, Pesce studied archi­tec­ture at the Univer­sity of Venice, learn­ing from the tute­lage of both Ernesto Rogers and Carlo Scarpa. Through­out 1958 – 1963, Pesce partic­i­pated in Gruppo N, a design collab­o­ra­tion that focused on creat­ing art similar in program to that of the Bauhaus. His archi­tec­tural work often featured natural elements, includ­ing his work in Osaka, Japan in creat­ing the Organic Build­ing. Pesce’s indus­trial design led to collab­o­ra­tions with B&B Italia, Vitra, and Cassini; much of which include pieces that embody his usual wit and style. Many of his 3D models and proto­types are featured in the perma­nent collec­tions of museums around the world, includ­ing MoMA in New York City, the Victo­ria and Albert Museum in London, and the Trien­nale Museum in Milan.


by Surface Magazine

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