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Geert Koster

Geert Koster, born in 1961 in Gronin­gen, is a designer who has signif­i­cantly contributed to the design field. He grad­u­ated from the Academy of Art Minerva in Gronin­gen in 1984 and contin­ued his educa­tion at the Domus Academy in Milan, complet­ing his studies in 1985.

After his educa­tion, Koster estab­lished his studio in Milan in 1989. Since then, he has been actively engaged in various design disci­plines, includ­ing inte­rior design, exhi­bi­tions, furni­ture, prod­ucts, and indus­trial design. His work reflects a versa­tile and inno­v­a­tive approach to design, contribut­ing to devel­op­ing thought­ful and creative solu­tions in the design industry.


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