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Hella Jongerius


Born in 1963 in De Meern, Nether­lands, Hella Jongerius is a prolific Dutch designer of textiles, pottery, and furni­ture. Influ­enced by her educa­tion at the Design Academy Eind­hoven and her work at Droog Design, Jongerius opened her studio in 1993. Named Jongerius­lab, her studio currently resides in Berlin and collab­o­rates with noted compa­nies such as Maharam, KLM, Vitra, IKEA, and Camper. Her pieces are often exhib­ited at galleries across Europe and The United States, includ­ing MoMA in New York and Design Museum in London. Jongerius’ work is based in concep­tual design and often plays with the dichotomy of oppo­sites. She might play with tech­nol­ogy and hand­made in a single object, or cele­brate the unfin­ished in a finished piece of work. Jongerius is a perpet­ual student of colors, mate­ri­als, and textures, this learn­ing often plays out to stun­ning effect in her designs. 


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