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Lex Pott


Lex Pott is a designer with a unique focus on mate­ri­als. Through­out his creative process, there is no sketch­ing at any stage. Instead, his focus is on mate­ri­als such as wood, stone, and metal — pushing their prop­er­ties beyond limits.

After grad­u­at­ing from the Design Academy Eind­hoven in 2009, and setting up his own studio that same year, he intu­itively exper­i­ments with natural mate­ri­als due to their time­less appeal – but without knowing the creative outcome. Pott’s process of explo­ration has led to a range of diverse scenar­ios, from func­tional prod­ucts to deco­ra­tive pieces, to a concept for a fashion brand or an art exhibit.

True Colours is a series of seven vases which juxta­pose polished metal with its oxidized patina. Each metal, from copper, steel, and brass to aluminum, exudes a ravish­ing spec­trum of colors, such as cobalt blue, ruby, mint, and rust. 


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