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Louise Liljencrantz

Sweden (1979-Present)

Louise Liljen­crantz was born in Stock­holm, Sweden in 1979. Over the years, she has become one of Sweden’s most coveted inte­rior and product design­ers. Liljen­crantz special­izes in midcen­tury inspired furni­ture that is executed with tradi­tional Scan­di­na­vian wood­work­ing. Liljen­crantz focuses on good crafts­man­ship and long-lasting natural mate­ri­als. The designs pay great atten­tion to every detail in the process, result­ing in multi-layered, time­less and elegant work. Cele­brat­ing authen­tic crafts­man­ship, every piece is hand­crafted by a master cabi­net­maker at K.F.K Snick­erier in Stock­holm. In 2009, Liljen­crantz founded her award-winning inter­na­tional design studio. Taking on private and also commer­cial projects, they work with a wide range of clients creat­ing exquis­ite furni­ture and luxu­ri­ous inte­ri­ors for resi­den­tial, retail and hospitality spaces. 


Designs by Louise Liljencrantz (3)