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Luca Nichetto


An Italian indus­trial designer, Luca Nichetto is known for his collab­o­ra­tion with various other design­ers and design compa­nies. He opened his own studio, Nichetto Part­ners, in 2006, special­iz­ing in indus­trial design and consult­ing. Previ­ously, he worked with Murano-based glass maker Salviati as well as light­ing company Foscarini. Nichetto opened a second studio in Stock­holm, Sweden. His indus­trial design work includes the Motek Chair for Cassina. With inspi­ra­tion from Japan­ese origami, the chair evokes the folds of paper while still main­tain­ing the rigid­ity and strength needed in a well-designed chair. With many choices in regards to finish and mate­r­ial avail­able, the design adheres to Nichet­to’s mani­festo for 20 Design Principles.


Designs by Luca Nichetto (8)