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Marc Krusin


Marc Krusin began his career in Italy where he worked tire­lessly at the heart of the Milanese design scene for more than 13 years. He became Piero Lissoni’s right-hand-man and asso­ciate, leading all types of projects from product to inte­rior design for clients of inter­na­tional repu­ta­tion. He now has his prac­tice in London and contin­ues to design spaces and prod­ucts for clients around the world. In addi­tion to design­ing, Marc has taught and lectured at univer­si­ties in Europe and Australia and regu­larly speaks about his expe­ri­ence at events and confer­ences. My inten­tion is always to create visual silence, to create objects which are unob­tru­sive and which harmo­nize with their surround­ings rather than shout for atten­tion. One thing that has dramat­i­cally changed the way I work is simple aware­ness. Aware­ness of what is being asked and of what is needed, and the real­iza­tion that wonder­ful things can happen when we stop thinking!”


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