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Marcello Ziliani


Marcello Ziliani was born in Brescia, Italy in 1963. Having trained as an archi­tect in Milan with Achille Castiglioni in the 1980’s, Ziliani devoted himself mainly to devel­op­ing projects for the design of furni­ture, acces­sories, and light­ing to set and exhi­bi­tion design. He has been partic­u­larly focus­ing on sustain­abil­ity, human-centered design and lean producibil­ity” matters. Ziliani believes that beneath each project deep down there actu­ally lies a wish, a hope to take off. Since 2011, he has been a lecturer of product design at the Univer­sity of San Marino.

He was recently awarded with two Good Design Awards – 2017 and 2019 – by the Chicago Athenaeum, the Archiprod­ucts Design Award ADA 2018 and the Iconic Award 2019 awarded by the German Design Council. 

Marcello Ziliani signed projects for Alf Dafrè, Allib­ert, BBB, Bertocci, Calli­garis, Casprini, Ciacci, Ciatti, Cras­se­vig, Domi­talia, Donati, Ethimo, Flex, Flou, Flos, Frascio, Geuther, Inglesina, Infiniti, ISA, Krios, Krover, Lanzini, Magis, Modo e Modo, Norda, Olympia, OMP, Opinion Ciatti, Pali, Parri, Pedrali, Pinti Inox, Prog­etti, Rapsel, Roche Bobois, Scab Design, Schön­hu­ber Franchi, Sintesi, Techim­pex, Vanini, Views Inter­na­tional, Visentin, Wever & Ducrè, Zago.


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