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Pietro Arosio


Pietro Arosio was born in 1946 in Lissone, Italy. Before begin­ning his career in 1972, Arosio studied at the Insti­tute of Applied Arts in Monza and worked at the research center of a company special­iz­ing in the produc­tion of metal furni­ture for commu­nal spaces. This expe­ri­ence led to the emer­gence of a design philos­o­phy that devel­oped over time through his work as an indus­trial designer. The funda­men­tals of his work include essen­tial­ity, research into new mate­ri­als and tech­nolo­gies, atten­tion to detail and to the engi­neer­ing impli­ca­tions of his designs. Arosio was awarded the Casa­viva d’Oro award in 1983. A number of his pieces have been exhib­ited at the Victo­ria and Albert Museum in London, and at the Munich modern art museum Die Sammlung.


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