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Rossi Bianchi


Nico­letta Rossi, born in Milan in 1961, and Guido Bianchi, born in Florence in 1970, are both archi­tects who started their career by taking on light­ing projects. After gaining expe­ri­ence with Piero Castiglioni Studio, they founded Rossi Bianchi Light Design in Milan in 2006 where they focus exclu­sively on the design of light. Their most iconic project, Ipnos floor lamp in an indoor and outdoor version, reflects their forward-think­ing creativ­ity that influ­ences the visual and emotional percep­tion of space. Unlike the tradi­tional approach of light­ing design based on effi­ciency, Rossi and Bianchi’s intent is to inves­ti­gate all the dimen­sions involved in a light­ing expe­ri­ence in order to achieve an evoca­tive and emotional response through light.


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