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Samuel Wilkinson


Samuel Wilkin­son grad­u­ated in furni­ture and related product design at Ravens­boure College of Art & Design in 2002. While at Ravens­bourne Wilkin­son won several design awards, includ­ing the RSA award and D&AD New Blood. He went straight into employ­ment working for leading consul­tan­cies such as Tanger­ine, Fitch:London, Pear­son­L­loyd, and Conran. During these years he worked on various award winning projects for leading clients such as British Airways, Audi, LG, Samsung, and Virgin Airways. Wilkin­son is on a quest to add a fresh dynamic approach to either form or func­tion. For the lamp series, Blown, he researched glass from light­houses to mirrored bottles and found inspi­ra­tion from rasp­ber­ries, which trans­lated into the quilted texture of the glass. 


Designs by Samuel Wilkinson (2)