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Signe Hytte

Signe Hytte, with a degree from TEKO Design and Busi­ness School in Denmark and a back­ground in Aesthet­ics and Culture from Aarhus Univer­sity, finds beauty in the funda­men­tal essence of things. Her design philos­o­phy revolves around strip­ping away the unnec­es­sary while preserv­ing the essen­tial. Hytte aims to create some­thing unique yet simple, mean­ing­ful, and visu­ally appeal­ing – a balance that feels good to observe and live with.

In her design approach, Hytte often starts with a specific frame­work or element, such as geom­e­try, as demon­strated in her Journey lamp. Inspired by the inter­play between a sphere and a rectan­gle, the lamp’s design evokes the image of the moon when illu­mi­nated. The rectan­gle is a support­ive cradle for the sphere, remi­nis­cent of child­hood toys where a rolling sphere follows a track until it finds its desti­na­tion. The journey concept is inte­gral to her work, symbol­iz­ing an inner explo­ration and new begin­nings illu­mi­nated by the lamp’s light.


Designs by Signe Hytte (2)