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Studio Kairos


Kairos in clas­si­cal Greek trans­lates into an expres­sion meaning: the right place, the right time, the right fit. The concept of kairos in Ancient Greece was defined as way of working or design­ing and Studio Kairos was founded in 1980 based upon apply­ing this concept of kairos within the fields of archi­tec­ture and indus­trial design. The firm is composed of its prin­ci­pals Joseph Manete and Abramo Mion. Manete was born in Mestre, Italy in 1947 and grad­u­ated in 1972 with a degree in archi­tec­ture; Mion was born in Mirano, Italy in 1951 and attended both engi­neer­ing in Padua as well archi­tec­ture in Venice.


Designs by Studio Kairos (3)