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Known for their knot works and home furnish­ing, unPIZZO is a design studio and textile hand­crafts labo­ra­tory. In 2014, Agnese Selva and Bettina Colombo, a graphic designer and a scenog­ra­pher, founded the studio in Cantu, Italy with the wish to revisit the ancient art of the Cantù lace while adding a contem­po­rary flare and func­tion­al­ity. Their recog­niz­able furni­ture is created by using an inter­lac­ing instru­ment called the tombolo”. unPIZZO hand­make each item, as their prod­ucts cannot be created using machines or stitching. 

After debut­ing at the Salone del Mobile 2016 with the Tombolo small armchair designed with Piero Lissoni, unPIZZO proposes new real­iza­tions of the inter­lac­ing tech­nique. This has allowed new collab­o­ra­tions: the pres­ence in the stand of Zucchetti Kos at the Inter­na­tional Bath­room Exhi­bi­tion with the Cascade tapes­try tent and a real­iza­tion with the Palomba and Serafini studio for the Eivissa gazebo by Ethimo, they confirm the great poten­tial of unPIZ­ZO’s work, a true link between inim­itable crafts­man­ship and contem­po­rary Italian design appre­ci­ated through­out the world. 


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