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Ghost Wall

c. 2022

by Mikal Harrsen
for Cassina

Ghost Wall

by Mikal Harrsen
for  Cassina

or Call to Order

Ghost wall is a contem­po­rary inter­pre­ta­tion of a wall unit ideal for creat­ing unique arrange­ments while leaving room for bound­less inter­pre­tive uses. The design marks Mikal Harrsen’s debut with Cassina and is all about creativ­ity. The system of deco­ra­tive panels is avail­able in differ­ent sizes and mate­ri­als, from wood to glass to fabric. Its inno­v­a­tive person­al­ity lies in the narrow foot­print (circa 30 mm) of panels and supports, which allows the struc­ture to be camou­flaged. Framed and supported by extruded aluminum rack units with inte­grated power access, the panels come in various types of lacquered or veneered wood, mirrored or black-lacquered glass, and fabric. There is also a customiz­able deco­ra­tive version allow­ing the appli­ca­tion of one’s wallpaper.

Further customiza­tion is possi­ble with various acces­sories designed to enhance the panels. There are shelves of differ­ent depths with deluxe glass tops with an LED light option, a shelf with a microfi­bre-clad cloth­ing rod, and a mirror. Round­ing out the collec­tion are matte lacquered storage contain­ers in two widths and heights, finished with an inset top in differ­ent types of marble, mirrored glass, or black-lacquered glass.


Mikal Harrsen

Mikal Harrsen is a Danish architect and industrial designer based out of Milan. He has founded multiple companies, including Studio Mikal Harrsen, MA/U Studio, and Design Editions. Throughout his career, he has focused on creating original design solutions for clients and brands with ambitious projects and a broad product portfolio. Today Mikal Harrsen focuses on exploring isolated aesthetic aspects of materials and design. With more than two decades of experience as an independent designer Mikal Harrsen has gained solid know-how and has received several prestigious international awards, including the RedDot Awards, IF Award, and the Compasso d'Oro Honorable Mention. His collaborations and clients include Royal Copenhagen, MA/U Studio, Boffi, and Cassina.

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