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KFM Soap Dish

c. 2016

by Kristine Five Melvaer

The goal of the KFM soap dish was to achieve the best possi­ble func­tion. We’ve all been there –the soap gets soaked in water after repeated use, the water resolves the soap, and it becomes stuck in a grooved and hard to clean surface. The answer to these prob­lems lies in the shape of the KFM soap dish, which features large cuts with a diag­o­nal shape, that leads the water of the object. The piece holds a strong, sculp­tural quality. The clean lines and geomet­ric shadows of the object resonate well with the strik­ing archi­tec­ture which often surrounds the When Objects Work prod­ucts. Avail­able in your choice of oak, walnut or travertine.


Kristine Five Melvaer


A native of Oslo, Norway, Kristine Five Melvaer is an award-winning home accessories designer. Her work in furniture, textiles, lighting, tableware and vessels is rooted in the communication between the user and the object, as well as the emotional bond that people form with objects they admire. Considering Five Melvaer's noted partnerships with various companies, such as Magnor Glassverk, When Objects Work, Roros Tweed, Heymat, and Vestre, it's clear her designs transcend a single product type. Her work has a distinct simplicity and often embraces a sensual form. Her designs for glasswork are some of the standout pieces in her repertoire. Her vase collection with Magnor Glassverk was presented with the Riedel Award in 2014.

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