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HH Bowl — German Limestone

c. 2016

by Nicolas Schuybroek

Nicolas Schuybroek’s HH Bowl German Lime­stone is a play on mate­ri­als and cele­brates the femi­nine and mascu­line. Made in Belgium, the combi­na­tion of German Lime­stone and the perfo­rated bronze lid goes beyond deco­ra­tion and becomes a func­tional part of a kitchen or home. With the bronze piece working as a lid or basket that nestles into a stone base, the design is versa­tile. The HH Bowl German Lime­stone can hold fruit or vegeta­bles for every­day use or become a featured addi­tion to a tablescape for enter­tain­ing. The juxta­po­si­tion of mate­ri­als creates a beau­ti­ful balance between the deli­cate and the substan­tial, as well as a sense of propor­tion through the shape of the design. 


Nicolas Schuybroek


Born in Belgium, Nicolas Schuybroek is known for his architectural style that is described as minimal, warm, and mindful of the smallest detail. Though his studio is based in Brussels, Schuybroek's architectural work is located across the globe. With noted architectural projects such as The Robey Hotel in Chicago and Tribu's offices in Belgium as part of his repertoire, he expanded his work to home furnishings and accessories with a partnership with When Objects Work. In these pieces his adept ability to marry materials and attention to detail is evident. His objects often feature natural materials, such as marble or granite, with metals such as brass and bronze.

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