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Kvadrat Foss Fabric

by Louise Sigvardt
for Kvadrat

Kvadrat Foss Fabric

by Louise Sigvardt
for  Kvadrat

or Call to Order

Foss from Kvadrat is an uphol­stery textile with a vibrant yet simple expres­sion. Created by Norwe­gian textile designer Tone Barnung and colored by Danish designer Louise Sigvardt, it unites natural and man-made mate­ri­als. Three to four differ­ent mélange or unicol­ored yarns – in differ­ent thick­nesses – are combined in each color­way. The shiny viscose and thick linen yarns give the surface of Foss a subtle shimmer. Foss also has a tactile feel in addi­tion to its sophis­ti­cated luster. Though it is primar­ily made of wool, it offers the tactile dry touch usually asso­ci­ated with pure linen textiles.

Louise Sigvardt


Louise Sigvardt is a co-founder of the acclaimed Bunn Studio, a Copenhagen-based design studio working across multiple disciplines, including art direction, furniture design, interior design, and industrial design. She graduated from the acclaimed Kolding Design School in Denmark, where she studied fashion design. She realized her passion for textiles while researching their many areas for application. Her process begins with a story, a feeling, a place, or a graphic expression. She then evolves and translates these sources of inspiration into patterns, colors, and finally, finished designs. In recent years, she has collaborated with international brands such as Kvadrat and celebrated fashion brands, Everlane and Marimekko. Her work has been recognized with numerous awards and showcased in leading international magazines.

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