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Kvadrat Tonus 4 Fabric

by Nina Koppel
for Kvadrat

Kvadrat Tonus 4 Fabric

by Nina Koppel
for  Kvadrat

or Call to Order

Tonus 4 from Kvadrat is a color update of Tonus, an elastic uphol­stery fabric by late textile artist Nina Koppel. Ideal for modern organic furni­ture and char­ac­ter­ized by rare color rich­ness, it comes in a total of 47 hues, of which 19 are new. Now recog­nized as a classic textile, Tonus brings colors to life in a vibrant, precise fashion. Build­ing on this char­ac­ter­is­tic, the inten­sity, and bright­ness of all the colors have been increased.


Nina Koppel

DENMARK (1942 - 1990)

The textile artist Nina Koppel is best known for her Kvadrat work as the Tonus upholstery designer. Nina trained in textiles at the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen, where she then taught. She liked to experiment with textiles from her personal workshop in Kattesundet and often worked with other artists who specialized in clothing, furnishings and design.

As of today, Tonus is a classic and used on many different furniture designs. Since the 1960’s, Tonus has become a significant part of Kvadrat’s basic collection. Nina herself chose the color scheme; not only was she a person with an eminent sense of color but she was also a colorful person. Her choices of pink and orange for Tonus is what attracted the initial attention.

Nina Koppels design is renowned for bringing together simplicity and elegance, a quality seen not only in her textiles but also her productions.

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