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Mellow Carpet

for Kvadrat

Mellow Carpet

for  Kvadrat

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Mellow, a design by Kvadrat, intro­duces a hand­wo­ven woolen rug crafted from plush boucle yarns, offer­ing excep­tional natural comfort and a luxu­ri­ous tactile expe­ri­ence. Its distinc­tive texture and volu­mi­nous appear­ance create a sense of depth and rich­ness, enhanc­ing the overall ambiance of any space.

The rug embod­ies a sense of duality, juxta­pos­ing various dimen­sions of texture against non-textured areas and contrast­ing colors with neutral tones. This inter­play of textures and hues gener­ates a dynamic visual rhythm remi­nis­cent of the ebb and flow of natural elements.

Avail­able in eight sophis­ti­cated color­ways, Mellow accen­tu­ates its organic expres­sion through a care­fully curated palette. Each color option enhances the rug’s inher­ent warmth and versa­til­ity, allow­ing it to inte­grate seam­lessly into diverse interior settings.

Mellow’s combi­na­tion of sump­tu­ous texture, nuanced coloration, and time­less design makes it a capti­vat­ing addi­tion to any space, invit­ing relax­ation and adding an element of refined luxury to the room.


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