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Sahco Nympha Fabric

for Sahco

Sahco Nympha Fabric

for  Sahco

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Nympha, a creation by Sahco, mani­fests as a digital print on canvas crafted from recy­cled cotton and poly­ester. This unique canvas show­cases the artist’s hand, with visible brush strokes and naïve depic­tions of flora and fauna. Utiliz­ing a new digital print­ing tech­nique for Sahco, parts of the back­ground are delib­er­ately left raw, impart­ing a contem­po­rary paint­ing-like quality. At the same time, the canvas itself evokes the texture of a tapestry base.

The finish and water­color-wash effect applied to certain hues creates a grace­ful fading, adding to the overall artis­tic allure. Nympha has five distinc­tive color combi­na­tions, ranging from soft teal gray, pista­chio gray, and olive pink to earth­ier tones like camel green and golden brown. This artful canvas show­cases the beauty of recy­cled mate­ri­als and seam­lessly blends the realms of contem­po­rary art and textile design, offer­ing a distinc­tive and sophis­ti­cated option for interior décor.


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