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Siro Table Lamp

c. 2019

by Marta Perla
for Oluce

Marta Perla has designed Siro, a semi-spher­i­cal table lamp with a disc at the front releas­ing in its inte­rior an oblique light thanks to the slim LED light source. Seen from the front, Siro appears to consist of two two dimen­sional elements, giving the illu­sion of being perfectly balanced on a surface. Avail­able in two sizes and two finishes


Marta Perla


Marta Perla was born in 1995 in Terni, where she lived until the age of 20. After graduating from foriegn language high school, Perla relocates to Rome to study Product Design at IED, the European Institute of Design. The years at IED culminate in a final dissertation, written in collaboration with Oluce. Perla gives great attention to the graphic aspect of a product and the concept behind it, being the concept the primal reason of its own existence. Her work is chiefly influenced by Sato Oki’s Nendo, The Memphis Group and Wolfgang Weingart’s Swiss Punk. Perla currently is a junior designer at Angeletti Ruzza design studio.

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