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Tech­ni­colour Fleece Carpet

by Peter Saville
for Kvadrat

Tech­ni­colour Fleece Carpet

by Peter Saville
for  Kvadrat

or Call to Order

Tech­ni­colour Fleece, a design by Peter Saville for Kvadrat, presents a distinc­tive rug that draws inspi­ra­tion from the vibrant mark­ings used to iden­tify sheep. Random bursts of color remi­nis­cent of these mark­ings are scat­tered across a neutral-toned back­ground, creat­ing a dynamic and visu­ally engaging pattern.

Crafted through a metic­u­lous hand-knot­ting process, Fleece eschews tradi­tional shear­ing tech­niques, result­ing in an irreg­u­lar surface texture that mimics sheep’s natural fleece. This unique approach, combined with a double-wash finish­ing process that enhances soft­ness, lends the rug a luxu­ri­ous and tactile feel.

Each color­way of Tech­ni­colour Fleece features a differ­ent base tone, reflect­ing the diver­sity of natural sheep colors. This vari­a­tion adds depth and char­ac­ter to the rug, allow­ing it to comple­ment a range of inte­rior styles and color schemes. With its playful yet sophis­ti­cated design and excep­tional crafts­man­ship, Tech­ni­colour Fleece brings a touch of whimsy and warmth to any space, invit­ing comfort and creativ­ity into the home.


Peter Saville


Peter Saville grew up in Manchester, Lancashire, and received his early education at St. Ambrose College. In 1965, he attended Manchester Polytechnic to study graphic design and remained there till 1978.

Peter Saville is deemed one of the generation's most famous British graphic designers and art directors. He gained popularity by designing several record sleeves for Factory Records while serving as art director of the studios.

Unlike most 'commercial artists' of the time, and indeed since, Saville was free to create without approval. He made his art in the context of mass production, accessing an audience through pop music, best shown in the series of record sleeves he created for Joy Division and New Order between 1979 and 1993.

Throughout the years, Peter Saville produced brilliant artwork, achieving creative and commercial success.

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